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Semantron Avantages


Semantron Traditional Village welcomes pet travelers and offers high standard hospitality to all its visitors. Semantron Traditional Village is part of the Woof Club’s certified partner network and applies the following pet policy that meets international standards and is designed to best serve you. The signing of the following pet policy is mandatory for your stay at the property and binds you during your stay on it.

  1. Semantron Traditional Village lets small dogs (up to 10 kilos), medium sized (up to 25 kilos) and large (up to 35 kilos) in size, and small mammals kept in cages and not leaving them . Other types of pets such as cats, birds, reptiles are forbidden.
  2. In every rental room strictly a stay is allowed up to a pet.
  3. Visitors with pets are required to bring with them an updated pet health book accompanied by an authorized veterinarian. Semantron Traditional Village is entitled to request an up-to-date pet health booklet at any time.
  4. The persistence of aggressive pets is expressly prohibited. The accommodation retains any right to expel clients accompanying a pet that has aggressively behaved against accommodation staff or other visitors.
  2. Visitors are responsible for the cleaning of their pets’ litter inside the accommodation as well as all areas of property. 
  3. Pets should be bound or limited in any case in public areas of the hotel or on the property. It is strictly forbidden to move pets without a strap or unaccompanied pets. 
  4. Pets should be constantly monitored in every room of the accommodation.
  5. If a pet is left unattended and bothers other visitors, you will receive a warning from the accommodation. In the second violation, you will be charged € 100 (€ 100) from the accommodation address. As a violation of surveillance, it is also expressly considered continuous barking at hours of total peace, 13:30 – 17:00 and 21:00 – 10:00.
  6. Pets are not allowed in the indoor dining areas of the accommodation.  
  7. It is strictly forbidden for guests to leave their pets on the balconies of the rented room.
  8. Use the special « DOG IN THE ROOM » sign on your door to inform the hotel’s cleaning staff that your pet is in the room.  
  9. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the rented room for 24 hours.

. The accommodation provides guests with veterinary veterinary cover by an affiliate veterinarian of the Woof Club company. 

  1. Our staff can link you to the Woof Club network regarding the content of provided services and pet products. Since these services are not provided by Semantron Traditional Village, we can not be held responsible for any pet service provided through the Woof Club partner network.
  3. Semantron Traditional Village charges once a non-refundable cleaning fee per pet of twenty euros (€ 20).
  4. Semantron Traditional Village is entitled to claim an upfront loss of up to € 50 per stay, which is returned to the visitor when checking the room at check-out if it is found that no damage has occurred during the visitor’s stay With the pet.
  5. If there is damage due to the residence of a pet, the Semantron Traditional Village informs the visitor of the amount due to the accommodation based on the extent of the damage. Damage is considered to be irreversible damage to furniture, carpets, carpets, accommodation equipment, plumbing or electrical installations and objects exceeding € 200 (€ 200). The maximum amount of pet damage is set to five hundred euros (€ 500).
  6. The above charges explicitly exclude drivers who are blind and have updated health records and certification documents. 
  8. Visitors are responsible for all bodily harm and / or material damage associated with their pet. The visitor agrees to indemnify and expressly exempt Semantron Traditional Village by signing this from any liability and / or damage incurred as a result of his pet. 
  9. For any dispute arising out of the application of this domestic policy, the courts of Aegio are competent. The visitor declares that he read the contents of the pet policy of the accommodation and that he accepts them unreservedly. 



Infrastructures des chambres: A/C, minibar, sèche-cheveux, télévision par satellite, internet, cheminée (certaines chambres), services de blanchisserie – repassage


Centre de conférences avec une connexion Wi-Fi, petit déjeuner buffet, cave à vin, bar, piscine, salle de TV, parking, coin internet, ferme, 2 restaurants (dont un à la carte)


24 chambres lits jumeaux, 11 suites, 5 appartements familiaux